Fundraising Director Internship


 ·       Develop fundraising strategies and oversee all fundraising activities;

·       Identify new donor base;

·       Direct and coordinate the solicitation of funds;

·       Act as liaison with funding partners and organizations;

·       Set funding goals;

·       Managing budget;


·       Recruit, organize, and inspire volunteers;

·       Research fundraising opportunities and write letters to charitable trusts;

·       Build relationships with major donors or companies and make presentations;

·       Manage information and record the profile and fundraising activity of donors on a database;

·       Manage their own budget and ensure that targets are met;

·       Account handling: ensuring major donors or companies are happy with their donation scheme and are kept informed of progress and milestones;

·       Devise and organize fundraising campaigns, events and door to door collections; and

·       Spot fundraising opportunities and raise awareness of the local party’s work.