Jack Harkless - for city council

Jack is a lifelong resident of Meadville and is currently serving as the Democratic Committee’s Vice Chair. His involvement with the Committee has helped to energize the base in Crawford County. Jack is a socially progressive, fiscally conservative candidate for the democratic party. Jack takes a pragmatic approach to politics which draws from two main drives. To work with and support community members on projects which are in place to better our community & working towards finding new forms of revenue for the city in order to continue to be able to help build the city up. He believes reaching out to groups in the community who are already working towards a better Meadville and pairing with them could bring new ideas to the forefront and also get more people involved. Jack hopes that in addition to teaming up with local organizations for positive change, that through working with the residents, commissions, and developers, that together they can bring more vibrancy to the residential areas of town, something he believes has lacked focus in the past. As someone with a young child, and a new homeowner Jack shares many of the concerns of new families, he believes this perspective will aid in his ability to enact policies that help bring more activities for children to the city, while also helping to continue the rejuvenation of the downtown. Jack’s hands on approach means that he will be out in the community, speaking with residents, making appearances at local events, and maintaining a presence where the community can interact with him.